I started training with Ben Lloyd 12 weeks ago, he set me up a diet plan 2 weeks before I started training as I was putting off the training sessions.
I was 101kg 14 weeks ago, when I started my program I was taught about calorie intake, calorie deficits, macros, how to track my exercises and my calorie intake.. 
I was in a bad way mentally and physically but after my 12/14 week program I feel 10 years younger and am mentally stronger than I have been in years if not ever! I find dieting quite easy and even enjoyable and I look forward to training almost every day, I actually dread the days I don’t have time to train! 
This training program has changed my life and body in a massive way and I am far from finished!! I’ve just signed up for another 3 months and plan to keep going in to the new year! 
These are my 14 week progress pictures..
Joe McNally

Ben is a great bodybuilding competitor, coach and all round good guy.

During my time working with Ben we accomplished this in 9 months.

This was during the lockdown of 2020. Without Ben‘s guidance and support I would have not made it to the stage that year. And although I didn’t place, I was so happy with the end result and the way everything went.

Ben has given me the knowledge and tools to use going forward, which has helped me control my weight, and use if I decide to ever compete again.

In addition to this Ben has guided my daughter, Lyla Bryan to her first show in May, which led to her taking the UKDFBA junior novice bikini title. I highly recommend Ben.

Whatever you want to achieve with your fitness goals, Ben will get you there 💪🏾 👍🏽

Mike Bryan

Amazing Transfermation being a client for Ben, i can’t even believe i could have achieved this far with constain checking up and helping me with all the calories and training programme.

Keeping me update with schedules.
Thank you Ben
So much
Bson Gurung

6 months of #benlloyd fitness

Cannot thank Ben enough for how he has supported and educated me on how to become a better version of me

Started at 106kg 😞

Now at 84 kg 😀

He’s listened to me day in day out even when im  sure I’m driving him nuts. Hes supported me through my body’s limitations and not once put me down along the journey. Completely changed my though process of food and how to fuel my body.
Not only has this changed my metal attitude but my family as a whole!
Sarah Warburton

Stepping foot in a gym was always something I put off for so long due to the lack of confidence I had and the thoughts of how people would see me.
I signed up to work with Ben to help build that confidence, build a mindset that would allow me to think differently and accept that “dieting” can be easy and fun.
Never did I once think that I would go to the gym on my own but here I am now, more confident than ever before attending the gym daily and working on myself for myself.
This is all thanks to Ben for showing me the ropes and guiding me to make better choices whilst enjoying it throughout.
The best lifestyle change I have ever made.
Maria Wood

Thanks to Ben I have changed the way I see ‘dieting’ and ‘training’ it forced me out of my comfort zone and in to a routine. I hated going to the gym before and wasn’t confident but a tailored plan with different workout plans over 12 weeks helped and guided me to feeling confident with my body transformation!
I Couldn’t of asked for better results! So happy I got to where I wanted to be for my hen party in 12 weeks that I signed up for another 8 weeks!
For years I was unhappy with feeling frumpy, looking at myself in pictures not liking my size. I was a yo-yo dieter binge eating & drinking alcohol as I wasn’t seeing the results I wanted.
Ben tought me and encouraged me to keep going with weighing & taking body measurements which by the end of my plan the results speak for themselves.
Sophie Eland

The beginning and the middle but not the end!
My first block of coaching with Ben taught me how important investing in yourself is! I’ve always been a yo-yo dieter, been going to the gym for a few years but never been confident enough to push myself.
With the help of Ben I’ve lost body fat and been able to push myself in the gym. Weekly check ins and feedback from Ben have been amazing and really kept me going throughout.
Honestly recommend Ben as a coach to anyone I speak to about diets and weight lifting. Thanks to Ben I now have a much better relationship with food and can balance my social life with my fitness goals.
Invest in yourself it’ll be the best thing you do!
Melanie Sinclair

Over 12 months with Ben Lloyd and the process completely changed my life. I’ve gone from doing no exercise and eating rubbish to enjoying going to the gym every day and having a better diet. Couldn’t recommend Ben enough and will definitely be back for more coaching in the future. I am delighted with my body change 💪🏽💪🏽

Paddy Walsh

Big thanks to Ben Lloyd for kicking my fat ass into shape, 3 stone down in just over 3 months, would highly recommended! 💪🏼

Saul Hayden

15 weeks with @benlloyd diet and fitness plan, couldn’t of been happier with the results from 15stone 12 down to 13 stone 4. Guided us through right from the start, teaching us so much on the nutrition front and that a “diet” doesn’t have to be boring / plain / repetitive eating.

Also put us through some great PT sessions. Will definitely be having another stint in the future. 👍🏻💪🏽

Ash O’Rourke

I worked with Ben last year and honestly it has changed my life. I always thought I was eating healthy, and didn’t understand why I wasn’t loosing weight. I’d do loads of cardio at the gym and still didn’t loose weight.

Then signed up with Ben and did weight training for the first time in my life and I learnt so much!

Looking to sign up again after all my holidays this year and get my weight back down ☺️
Katey Howard

Can’t thank Ben enough for helping me reach my goals this year for my wedding.

I did an 8 week plan at the beginning of the year & the results speak for themselves! I’m now currently part way through another 12 week plan.

Best thing I have ever done without a doubt! Ben has completely changed my mindset about dieting and I now have the confidence to go to the gym alone and smash my goals!

Can’t wait to see my results after this second part of the plan!

Thanks so much Ben!
Niamh Royle

Ben is an outstanding coach who helped me lose a substantial amount of weight and more importantly – he provides his clients with all the knowledge to be able to KEEP the weight off and live a healthier life. Been a pleasure working with Ben twice and will no doubt do so again in the future.

Matt Maginnis

Would recommend Ben to anyone who is thinking of making a change in their life! He is so friendly, knowledgeable, professional and helps and answers anything you throw at him!

If you are thinking of using a coach but are undecided who and when I would recommend ben and getting going sooner rather than later. You won’t regret it 😃
Holly Mallaborne